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Date: May 08, 2003 - 03:18 AM
We've had a few hiccups and withdrawals but here's the latest - it changes daily. Other performers may be invited to sit in.

jOhNcOcKs (singer/writer) + Bingo Twins?

Audiosoup (original jazz/funk)

Dave Bacon (hurdy gurdy)

Roger Strange with John & Marion (bluesy folk)

Human Mistake (young & new)

Fire & Water (Janis lives!)?

Jake Jones + sister act (keyboards)

These will be interspersed with poetry, DJs (still some slots - e me) and the odd speech or appeal. Plus the ongoing cutting of TiGeR's beard - for chariddy. The Mayor has promsed first cut - makes a change from ribbons!

As well as those confirmed, there is an equally stellar line up of those who can't make this week but might be up for a future gig if we do it again. e.g.

Void (Newquay legends)

Me & The Devil(Roots blues)

Mr Juicy (jazz/funk)

Seb (Old Bean) Sampling & Synths

Small Wonder (top covers)

Ramshaka (original reggae)

Paul Anthony (+ Shirts?)

Bob Clark (Captain Velvet)

Manouche (Django lives!)

All performers will get a pint & pasty, plus a CD/DVD and a web page.

Watch this space! TiGeR

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