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Date: Jun 06, 2014 - 02:47 PM
Parklive is a series of outdoor music events in Kimberley Park brought to you over the Spring and Summer months by Falmouth and Penryn's community radio station Source FM 96.1...

2013 was a massive success and 2014 looks set to be even bigger with more artists and performers!

Parklive 2014 will showcase the range of creative talent living in the Falmouth area and is an open and accessible activity for local families, residents and visitors to attend. In 2014 Source FM will have more activities for younger people to take part in, which will include a ‘Storytelling Tent’, ‘Circus Skills’ and an ‘Art Wall’.

2014 Parklive Dates:

    1. Parklive 1 - 25th May 2014
    2. Parklive 2 - 22nd June 2014
    3. Parklive 3 - 20th July 2014
    4. Parklive 4 - 24th August 2014 (Jazz Special)
    5. Parklive 5 - 21st September 2014
    6. Parklive 6 - 19th October 2014

More info: www.thesourcefm.co.uk.

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