John Greene - Celebrating 50 years in music

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Date: May 28, 2014 - 12:16 AM
The following received from John (Celebrating 50 years in music at The Poly 4th June - see www.jogrn.com for more info) ...

To celebrate 50 years in the music business, the release of a new CD and other crimes :) I am doing a show at the Poly Falmouth, Wed June 4th

Special Guest - Rosalie James
+ The AllStar Squirrels !

Stephen Jackson - Drums/Percussion (Flaming Infidels etc)
Kevin Jefferies - Bass (Small Wonder etc)
Matt Exelby - Guitars/Keyboards/ BV\'s (Flaming Infidels etc)
Yan Speake - Acoustic Bass/Guitars/BV\'s (Jonahs Lift / Grace Notes etc)
Ben Morgan - Guitars ( ex All The Fires)
Alden Evans - Guitars (Flaming Infidels etc)

Please feel free to share as much as possible and it would be awesome to see you there.


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