Black History Month - October 2013 - Cornwall

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Date: Oct 15, 2013 - 02:39 PM
Black History Month - 1st - 31st October 2013...

Cornwall Live:

Wednesday 16th 12noon - Jam Café, High St. Falmouth. Free Entry
Steve Mole - Traditional Blues Acoustic

Thursday 17th 8:45pm - Five Degrees West, Falmouth. Free Entry
Great Western Jazz Band - Swing

Sunday 20th 9:00 pm - Star & Garter, High St. Falmouth. Free Entry
Me & The Devil - Rhythm ‘n’ Blues (Muddy, Elmore & Sonny remembered)

Monday 21st 9:00pm - Star & Garter, High St. Falmouth. Free Entry
Modern Jazz Trio - Special Guest Bex Short (Alto & Soprano Sax)

Tuesday 22nd 8:00pm - Beerwolf Books, Market St. Falmouth Free Entry
HOLLER (Shout) with Hilary Coleman, Sally Burrell & Friends

Wednesday 23rd 9:00pm - The Countryman Pub, Piece. Free Entry
Me & The Devil - Rhythm ‘n’ Blues
+ Original Blues Vinyl music & exhibition.

This year’s event looks back through history and forward to modern times, through exhibitions, film, music, literature and food presenting free events throughout the region.


Exhibitions: Static and mobile.
Available to schools, community centres, cafes/bars, associations etc; can borrow the mobile exhibition and arrange talks/discussions regarding the subjects e.g. British Black History, politics, sport, science, literature, inventers, music etc;
The projects will be easy to be part of and a lesson in history for those unaware of our fantastic black cultural heritage born through hard and cruel beginnings.

Concerts & Music Events:
One of the main themes of this year’s event is a series of concerts and music events under the banner of ‘The Slaves Lament’, concerts showing the history and effects of slaves music ‘The Blues’ on the majority of the music we listen to today tracing its historical routes, through folk, jazz, rhythm & blues, gospel, soul etc; How the rise of blues popularity in British pop culture (R’n’B), combined with the baby boom after the 2nd world war, gave strength to and changed the civil rights map forever. We also intend to put on a series of vinyl & CD parties under the title ‘Redemption Songs’ featuring reggae, ska, rock steady, soul, funk, rap, hip-hop, r’n’b, disco etc; there will also be a feature on one of Cornwalls famous black sons Joseph Emidy, who played and taught music in the Falmouth/Truro region from 1799 until his death in 1835.

Film: We will be presenting a series of seminal films and documentaries highlighting black artists and culture throughout the month.

If you want to put a project or performance on, connected to any of these forms of music over the next month please liaise with us at:

The Fish Factory, Falmouth or telephone:
Rob 07717 097157
Lee 07780 465421
Rose 07810 036155

This project is a collaboration between: ‘The Fish Factory’ www.fishfactoryarts.com fishfactoryarts.blogspot.co.uk
and the ‘FillUpMeTin Association’ www.fillupmetin.org

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