John Etheridge to play Tolmen Centre

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Date: Sep 23, 2013 - 11:31 AM
The Tolmen Centre in Constantine is proud to present guitar maestro John Etheridge playing solo on Sunday November 17th 2013...

John needs no introduction to anyone with an interest in the jazz guitar world, but his talents extend far beyond jazz. He has been a key member of the jazz fusion group Soft Machine, and played with legendary jazz violinist Stephane Grapelli over many years; other collaborators include classical guitarist John Williams, wizard jazz fiddler Chris Garrick, and the (in)famous Nigel Kennedy.

John's solo gigs are renowned for their warmth and variety, and he is generous with his time, wit and knowledge. We are presenting him in our relaxed downstairs space, where tables and chairs and a bar will be available throughout. Pre-show meals can be booked in advance. Tickets only 10/9. Tel 01326 341353 or tolmen@constantinecornwall.com to book.

From reviews of John's solo shows:
"John Etheridge is one of our unsung national treasures - a man with staggering technical prowess but who understands that prowess is nothing without the heart and soul which turns the notes into music."

"John Etheridge is not just another great guitarist, he is a master of the instrument and he knows how to use it to best effect in an enormous range of settings. He is fast, a great chord man, inventive but subtle, as good with a pick as finger style, as at home on acoustic as on electric guitar. Critically, he knows what to leave out, when to use nuance and suspense and when to let rip. Taste and talent are the indisputable hallmarks of this incredibly accomplished and well-rounded musician who reads, and responds to his fellow musicians and his audience equally well"

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