Some bands I heard tonite

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Date: Feb 08, 2013 - 02:10 PM
Just a quick summary of my evening. Reached The Kings Head at fourish and had a chat with Lands and a game of pool...

Played well but lost so on to Finns for a coffee. Then up the High St for tea with friends.

Looked in to the S&G where Hogwash (good duo) was playing so videoed a couple of songs before down to Finns for the debut of Foo Man Choux. Chris Hambly, who was lead gtr with the legendary Small Wonder, has joined with a good crowd of younger guys, one of whom, Mark, has undertaken to put some of the 2nd set on uTube or similar and post the link on falmusic. Carted my shopping to Mangos then checked Toast & Kings Head - back to Mangos then cab home. Now to bed @0200. Laters!


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