Disaster Relief - Rock for Shelterbox

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Date: Feb 12, 2011 - 06:16 PM
Local rock bands will be performing together for an amazing night of music and media in aid of Shelterbox, on March the 11th at The Poly (Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society) in Falmouth...

Some of the most promising bands - Etch, Cubs, acoustic musician Martin Skew, and Lonely Hunters (formerly Lioness) from Cornwall will be playing to support the charity’s work in areas affected by natural disasters around the world. Beginning at 7pm, tickets for the event will be £5 and will be available from The Poly.

The gig will comprise of a multitude of different forms with short films, live scoring to film, art displays, and a line-up of Cornwall’s finest talent. These should all combine and complement one another to make a well publicised event that is not only successful but also highly enjoyable, providing a chance to showcase some great talent and an eclectic mix of genre and style.

The organisers can be contacted at etch7@live.co.uk or called on 07412 477 292

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