Bob Brozman - Guitar legend

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Date: Jul 31, 2010 - 09:38 PM
Bob Brozman visits Cornwall: Saturday 2nd October at The Tolmen Centre Constantine. Bob Brozman is acknowledged as probably the finest performer in the world on the National Resonator (steel) guitar...

We continue the Tolmen Centre’s tradition of presenting the best in Guitar music with this rare visit to UK of the legendary bluesman from the States. We are thrilled and delighted to have persuaded him to journey all the way to Cornwall for this one night’s performance.

Spoken of with reverence by slide guitarists around the world, Bob Brozman is more than a virtuoso. Armed with a clutch of National guitars and usually a charrango or some such esoterica, when he’s not recording with musicians in remote parts of the globe, he’s performing in front of open-mouthed audiences. He’s a world musician in the truest sense but the blues is where he started and he still includes it in his repertoire, along with music from many other genres. He’s also a visiting professor of Music at Macquirie University in Sydney.

Box Office 01326 341353 or by email tolmen@constantinecornwall.com

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