Peter Green and Friends in Falmouth

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Date: Apr 21, 2010 - 12:39 PM
Any blues lovers out there who haven't heard the news yet? Mr Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac fame is coming to Falmouth to play a set with his new band at the Princess Pavilion on Friday 28 May - and he is said to be sounding as good as ever...

Naturally, no Peter Green appearance would be complete without a few of his classic compositions, but now the focus is on fresh renditions of Peter's personal blues, R&B and soul favourites.

Tickets are selling fast as you would expect so don't leave it too long if you would like to go. Just so you know; this is a standing show.

Starts 8.30pm Tickets 20 in advance from the Pavilion 01326 211222 and online at the Princess Pavilion website.

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