Backroom Blues Sessions at the Poets Cafe, Trereife House, Penzance

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Date: Mar 29, 2010 - 02:20 PM
Following the successful launch of the Backroom Blues Sessions at the Poets Café, Trereife House, Penzance on 24th March, the next event is Wednesday 7th April, and then every second Wednesday after that. Entrance is free...

The Backroom Blues Sessions are aimed at blues enthusiasts in Cornwall who want to get together and make blues music in a great environment. The Poets Cafe at Trereife House (just outside Penzance on the A30) is the perfect spot with a cafe/bar serving hot soul food (Keith's amazing Gumbo and Hot Texan Chilli), beer and local wines. The intention is to make the Backroom Blues Sessions the home for blues lovers in Cornwall!

The model for the Backroom Blues Sessions is slightly different from a blues jam night. A house band runs the show with any musicians who turn up joining them after they’ve warmed things up. Entrance is free. Donations to the House Band Hat are really welcomed.

Acoustic is preferred but there will be small amps for electric instruments but they'll need to blend with the acoustic instruments. See the website for more information.

If you want to get away from the "woke up this morning, my dog was dead" wailing there's the adjacent cafe room where you can sit and eat, drink and chat.

For more information see the website at www.backroom-blues-sessions.com or email info@backroom-blues-sessions.com.

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