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Date: Nov 02, 2009 - 03:54 PM
Info as received from St Ives Jazz Club follows...

You might be aware of the government's licensing act of 2003, which has had such a detrimental effect on live music, particularly the abolition of the '2 in a Bar' rule.

The parliamentary Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee has recommended not only the reinstatement of '2 in a Bar', but also the scrapping of form 696 and exemptions to venues of less than an audience capacity of 200.

Regrettably the government has rejected the recommendations, and an online petition has been organised, which so far has over 12,000 signatories. Assuming you are in favour of the petition, I hope you will sign up, and also encourage as many others as possible to do so. The address for the online petition is:


For more on the campaign see www.livemusicforum.co.uk

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