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Date: Feb 14, 2009 - 12:06 PM
Yes, 'tis true and therefore you'll be hearing from the old boy more often, whenever he's in wi-fi range of somewhere he can surf with a cuppa, thankfully at least four establishments within a downhill stroll - bus-pass for the return if it's before 20.30 or so...

Thursday night...

Grapes at nine for Sam and Cally's soulful folk. Thence to the Prince for the amazing Seven Day Weekend's rock & blues - and so young too! Finally to the Q for the Funkin' Pussies grooves. I was then invited to a select gathering with more good music & stuff,and home just before daylight!

I haven't been out since but if I've got the strength tonight then I'll be spoiled for choice, as ever on Thursday. 4/5 good bands usually at Q Bar, Nancy's, The Tap Room, The Star & Garter (folk) and the Watermans plus three cracking open mike/jam nights at The Prince (of Wales), Finn's (McCoul's) and (below Trago) the Front.

The weekend has more treats, some of them on our gig list, Lands has a macmillan charity bash on Friday at the grapes - band & DJ plus fun. Wear something green! Then the Q has a birthday celebration on Saturday - wear the worst clobber you can find from a charity shop!

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