4 day Guitar Festival in Constantine

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Date: Jan 26, 2009 - 03:16 PM
March 5-8 is a big time for guitar fans, with the Second International Guitar Symposium at the Tolmen Centre in Constantine...

From blues to classical, psychedelic folk-rock to flamenco, with Early Music thrown in for good measure, there's something to please everyone over this exciting four-day festival.

Big names, too: Day One's headline gig is Mick Abrahams, founder of Jethro Tull and Blodwyn Pig. Highly respected and thought of as 'the guitarists' guitarist', he plays solo gigs only very rarely, so don't miss the chance to see him.

Day Two culminates in a cracking double-bill by London's folk-rock/psychedelic band The Moon Music Orchestra, and also the new four-piece band Stonephace featuring Larry Stabbins (Working Week) and Portishead's Adrian Utley.

Day Three is Classical Guitar day, featuring the young Italian Cristafaro Ramelli Duo, and the virtuosic Silesian Guitar Octet from Eastern Europe. Day Four rounds the festival off with a look at Early Music, and features the renowned Daughters of Elvin performing in the evening. With masks, puppets, tens of instruments and dance, they truly make the genre accessible and fun for all.

With a full programme over the four days including lunchtime concerts, talks, masterclasses and interviews, make sure you check it out.

For more information contact the Tolmen Centre on 01326 341353, tolmen@constantinecornwall.com, or check out the details at www.constantinecornwall.com/tolmen. Hoping to see you there!

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