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Date: Aug 19, 2008 - 11:25 PM
O...h.... m....y........ G...a....w.....d...!!!! Saw Glass Shark for the first time at Finn McCouls in Fal last night - how good were they??!!...

Can't believe I've never seen them before but you can bet a large wager very safely that I'll go well out of my way to see them again! Electro funk metal madness delivered by three guys dressed in black with neon pink ties: frontman, Tam, tubthumping like a kodo demon! Tighter than a jewish/scottish/cornish virgin duck's arse: they had a packed Finns jumpin and a-bouncin, and I can't remember the last band I saw who made me grin that much! If you don't check them out you will die unenlightened.

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