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Date: Feb 26, 2008 - 05:35 PM
I haven't ceased my Peregrinations for the last few years but I have been low in on-line time and haven't felt the urge to write despite hearing plenty of great music. However, times are changing and this may be the start of more regular contributions...

I heard two good bands last night plus a cool DJ all within a spit of The Moor and at the cost of two pints and two coffees. Only in Falmouth!

Starting at the S&G (below the High Street Arch) Their fine Monday jazz trio was augmented this week by an alumnus from the great Ivy Benson Jazz Orchestra, Carol Gasser who proved herself mistress of the saxophone despite some recalcitrance on the part of her instrument during the first set. She must have fed it on the break for the second set was a real groove. Coincidentally, the regular bass player, Claudia, another Benson, Benson graduate, was having similar trouble with a damp amp which dried our as the gig progressed. Just to complete the line up, the immaculate Robbie Brokenshire was percussing and Roger Barnes was right with them all the way on the ivories.

They finished at 11.15 so I gently boogied down to Finn McCoul's where Helen usually has a decent act. For the first time, I came across the Freak Brothers,
a trio of good musicians and excellent entertainers who kept me amused 'til midnight.

Thence up to the Q Bar for Ba Ba Boom's mellow sounds, coffee with friends, then home before dawn!

The Q is now in the music-loving hands of Marcus and Ian who have taken over from that fine patron of the arts, Dill. I hope I can persuade M&I to use our gig list.

Finally two big thankyous. RobF, our webmaster who has steadfastly kept the site going during my slacking, and a new contributor, Melanie Banks' who sent us the Red Stripe review. A great example of what I hope artists, venues, and fans will do far more of, i.e. submit articles and additions to the giglist online.

Just register, free, read the FAQs and you're away.

Finally, here's this week's gig list at the Q.

Mon - Ba Ba Boom, mellow Mobo

Tue - DJ Ulysses - sub-genre mayhem

Wed - Q Collective - eclecticism

Thu - The Spencer Four - live rock

Fri - Fraggle & B Fecked - D&B

Sat - The Big Bang Girls - Psych, Funk & Soul.

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