Dead Sea Squirrels play The Jakes

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Date: Nov 27, 2007 - 01:18 PM
John Greene's Dead Sea Squirrels play the Jakes on Saturday 15th December...


Check out tracks from John's excellent CD "Time to Remember" at




About John Greene
For over 40 years, under a disguise of many nicknames and aliases, john greene has been a part of the music business.

starting out in 1965 as a guitar player, then bassist, in his native cornwall he moved to london in the late 60's, played in various bands, lived at the eel pie island commune, helped organise the 1971 glastonbury fayre and featured on the chilli willi & the red hot peppers album 'kings of the robot rhythm'. After a job behind the scenes as stage crew at the original rainbow theater, he swiftly became asst stage manager under the now legendary michael ahern.

on the demise of the rainbow, production company work followed, namely tours with paul mc'cartneys wings, santana and the grateful dead.

after a move to california in 1972, a brief spell with the deads lighting crew led to his becoming light designer for boz scaggs which, in those days, meant 3 month tours, arena support slots for such as the allman bros, steve miller, little feat, steely dan and humble pie and the occasional huge festival.

in 1975 a stage lighting design company was created and tours with nrps, commander cody, santana, van morrison and the tubes were interspersed with one off gigs for such as jefferson airplane and stevie wonder.

returning to england (exhausted!) in the late seventies john went back to performing and played bass for rock, reggae, folk, jazz, soul, country and r'n'b bands including british intelligence, breaking strings, jaroma, the rhythm doctors and the dubious brothers.

by 1994 an increase in his songwriting led to a return to the guitar, solo gigs and cds.

'gone west' 1994, 'all this' 1998, 'different game' 2003, 'time to remember', 2006. and a compilation 'at least' are now available.

a new album is currently being written and is scheduled for release early 2008.

work is also underway on a documentary about his extensive travels in the usa.

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