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Date: Apr 18, 2007 - 01:07 PM
On Sunday 22 April we are privileged to have a remarkable trio from Brittany coming to the Studio Bar, Bread St, Penzance. Their name is Escale Dédale...

The musical director Pol Huellou, is a brilliant musician on flutes whistles and almost anything that one can blow into, and is also an acknowledged authority on Breton music: Breton is of course almost identical to Cornish both in Language and Culture. The other members are Michèle Kerhoas (singer) and J C Normant (keyboards).

Pol has visited Cornwall before, some 10 years ago, performing Breton and traditional dance music, accompanied by a Celtic Harpist and has performed across the world from Ireland, with Sinead O'Connor, to Baghdad, Glasgow to Poland, Paris to Czech Republic.

The trio recently played at the opening of the Maison de la Paix in Paris and are not only concerned with social and peace issues but are activists especially within the Mouvement de la Paix. Pol in his own words says "How to describe the music: chanson, trad, ballads, dance music... There is a soft political dimension indeed."

Their music is a mixture from the last 100 years, - cabaret or café music. "This trio from Finistere (west Brittany) invite you to journey through a century of songs and music: A hundred years of song, from Erik Satie, Enzo-Enzo, Mac-Orlan, Rezvani, Trenet, Ferré, Seeger, etc. Few well-known standards, more the songs which have always moved the trio." and has songs in many languages from Breton to Armenian, French and English.

You can look them up online for more information and photos at www.tuchenn.com then click on 'spectacles' then 'Escale Dédale' to get an English translation. The Studio Bar can be found at www.studiobar.com.

This is a rare opportunity to hear and see musicians with a purpose. This is an unmissable performance for anyone who likes good music and cares about the world we live in. Admission is free so enjoy a drink in a friendly atmosphere from 7.00pm to 1.00am.

They are also, earlier, performing at Hazelwood House (www.hazelwoodhouse.com), near Kingsbridge, South Devon, on the 21st April.

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