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Date: Jan 22, 2007 - 08:06 PM
Regular visitors may have noticed that there are a lot of news and gigs posted by Princess Pavilion on falmusic...

This is not because we favour them over other venues, but because they are far more on the ball about using our interactive features than the other venues around town. There are currently 28 articles queued by Princess Pavilion covering their Spring Programme up to May, articles which will appear 2 weeks before each event takes place.

Whilst we realise other venues may not book this far ahead, it would be great to have a lot more contributions from elsewhere!

So if you run a venue (or regularly go to one, and would like to read more about whats on there) or run a band and have publicity material you wish to post, then please go ahead and contribute!

See the FAQs on this site for adding content!

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