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Date: Nov 16, 2006 - 12:56 PM
Here in Falmouth we are starting on the journey of designing for a happy and sustainable future post peak oil. We are following the model of Transition Towns already successfully being worked firstly in Kinsale and presently Totnes...

Meetings have already taken place at The Town Council Chambers and in the Town. We are planning a programme of fortnightly meetings, each to include a film and discussion, interspersed with attending events organised by other local groups.

Skilling up for power down

TTF: Transition Town Falmouth Next Meetings:

  • Thurs 30th Nov. WI Hall. 7:00.

  • Fri 15th Dec. WI Hall. To include our Power Down Xmas (more ideas please).

  • Future TTF meetings to be held every fortnight interspersed with other groups’ events and film showings. Using the WI for the time being where needed, nominal charges (to cover venue, any excess to carry forward for other expenses and meetings), each meeting to start with a film/speaker followed by discussion.

  • Kinsale Energy Descent Plan can be found on this page on transitionculture.org

  • The Climate Friendly Village initiative devised by FOE and currently being undertaken by St Endellion. www.foe.co.uk

Dates for the Diary:

  • 17th November Princess Pavilion.7:30 Al Gore film “An Inconvenient Truth”. £6
  • 24th November. St.Johns Hall. Penzance. 7:30. Talk by Richard Heinberg (world speaker on ‘peak oil’ matters). Organised by Transition Penwith. email: peak.oil@virgin.net tel: 01736 793876 tickets £5 (advanced booking recommended. Car shares being arranged: 01326 317587

  • March 2007 Rob Hopkins Talk in Falmouth.

  • Spring 2007 Possible Richard Heinberg Talk in Falmouth.

INTERESTED? want to get involved?
Please telephone 01326 317587 if you don’t have access to email.
Or preferably email us asking to be added to our members only email discussion group on googlegroups.com.

Basic information and dates of Transition Town Falmouth meetings can be found on www.reallifetools.org.uk

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