Meeky Rosie at Falmouth Arts Centre

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Date: Sep 04, 2006 - 01:25 PM
Meeky Rosie play Falmouth Arts Centre on Friday 22nd September, 8pm, with support from The Reels. Tickets £6.60 / £5.50 ...

“If you love Coldplay… understand Radiohead… you will love Meeky Rosie”

Meeky Rosie have been tipped by music industry insiders to become the “next big thing”, the British tabloids already are hailing them to be “as big as Coldplay”, they have landed their first Hollywood film soundtrack and are just completing recording of their debut album at Peter Gabriel’s “Real World” studios. When you listen to Meeky Rosie it’s easy to understand why this band and their music will become the stuff of legends and stand the test of time.

The band have honed poignant song writing, challenging lyrics, multiple instruments, clever effects and textures to produce an ethereal cinematic sound scape displaying a maturity and depth far beyond their years and one which can see comparisons to the likes of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Coldplay and Mogwai.

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