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Date: Aug 11, 2006 - 01:02 PM
It's been more than a year since I've contributed any musings but, thanks to Rob and those who send us stuff, the site has done well without me!...

We celebrated our fifth anniversary in January and I see that we are fast approaching a million page hits - not too bad for a local free site!

I've heard some good bands in the last year - e.g The Hitchcock Rules, Cahooty, All Day Breakfast and Exelby. Many others too - few places have more good pub music than Falmouth. Also, the Slaves are back.

On a darker note - we lost Carol Vinson some months back. The Ferryboaters with husband George some years ago may ring a bell. She had a great jazz voice and could play a mean penny whistle - and my proudest musical moment was to swap a bit of skat with her back in the days of the Manderley!

Also on the downbeat - the Jakes is currently shuttered although there remains hope that a deal may be done.

That's it until next year - as long as bands, fans and venues keep sending articles, forum posts or gigs - then the less you will hear from me!

Cool runnings from the TiGeR.

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