Beck Sian - Unfurling Tour 2006 - Princess Pavilion Falmouth

Princess Pavilion / Music
Date: Jul 26, 2006 - 04:53 PM
Saturday 19th August - Beck SiÓn (replacing Motown Gold due to cancellation)...

Defying description but; misty, romantic, compelling, hypnotic...totally unique but somehow familiar. The songstress from Oz weaving the integrity of the traditional with a contemporary edge to World with elements of Celtic and Gothic.

Far away and not so long ago, in a land called Oz, there was a bright red-haired little girl who was different. Her favourite things were thunderstorms and dragonflies. Her favourite place was the haunted wood where she would sit and write her songs and poems. Her father was a flyer, her best friend was a tin whistle and her cousin was Kate Bush. Fate rubbed the influences together and suddenly there ignited a bright light - a truly inspired musician with her head planted firmly in the clouds and a poem clenched in each hand.

Now the green and pleasant land is preparing for the arrival of Beck SiÓn. Her suitcase is already packed with dreams and didgeridoo. The little girl was grown into a full sized enigma: worldly, otherworldly, earthy, unearthly. This bright light is about to burst forth as a fully illuminated star.

Beck Sißn is on her way to make this isle a bit greener and even more pleasant.
Just feel the music and listen to the magic.

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