Sex Slaves Vids Now Available

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Date: Apr 21, 2006 - 03:27 PM
The Sex Slaves from Hell have recently completed their new promotional DVD, which they hope will bring them more work and super-stardom status!...

Taken at the Waterfront in Falmouth during last November, the DVD features seven tracks and makes them look as if we're on TOTP! The first three tracks have been uploaded as WMV files for you to download and gloat over/enjoy at your leisure (delete as appropriate)!

Witness Pete's crazy contortions, Richard's debonair dancing, Helen's fevered fiddle, Gazza's greedy guzzling, all in amazing Technicolor! Admire our graceful belly-dancers as they strut their stuff! See the audience gyrating with great vigour, hear the cries for more, lick the dripping walls, sniff the sweat of frenzied fretting!

The tracks are:


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