Blues is Truth to write Film Music

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Date: Mar 15, 2006 - 06:46 PM
Blues is Truth (playing at Cape Cornwall Country Club as part of the Creole and Blues Festival on April 28th) have been commissioned to write and record a film sound track for an Australian film maker...

The track which will be featured in the film will also be available on the DVD on a special music section.

The film, which is about a style of Kung Fu, has been written and produced by Shannon, an Australian supporter of Blues is Truth. The track, which is not yet named, is scheduled to be included on the new CD from Blues is Truth released in April. Blues is Truth have acquired a number of fans down-under via their Website.

The initial briefing from Shannon was "I'd like one of your wonderful sleazy dirty blues tracks that you do so well". Go to www.blues-is-truth.co.uk for more info.

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