Atlantic View Trio Captured Live at The Pandora

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Date: Feb 27, 2006 - 06:03 PM
The Atlantic View Trio are currently playing The Pandora Inn every other Friday, quite close to home, so the other week we recorded them live...

John Woollams (saxes, clarinet and flute) will be familiar to Star & Garter regulars, the rest of the trio comprises Roger Miners (keys and vocals) and Barrie (drums).

The band get a full dynamic sound as Roger doubles on bass pedals. They're all skilled versatile inventive musicians and genial entertainers, and are looking for more gigs - well worth hiring - as they say in their entry on Falmusic Directory "Pubs, Weddings, Hotels, Restaurants and Bars - basically anywhere where you want JAZZ!".

Here are a couple of tracks showcasing their skills and recorded live at The Pandora Inn (Restronguet) on Feb 17th 2006:

1. In a mellotone (Ellington)

2. Take Five (Desmond)

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