Big Metal Event in Falmouth

Princess Pavilion / Music
Date: Feb 07, 2006 - 03:51 PM
New rust Meltdown 2006: On Saturday 18 February at Princess Pavilion Newrust Limited presents an event dedicated to the promotion and production of music from unsigned bands...

Following the success of Meltdown 2005, Newrust are pleased to be able to present eight bands playing in one great metal event: Forever Never, Fell Silent, Cerakai, Enemy Line, Headwound, Last Exile, NATO & 13th Floor. This Meltdown Mini Fest is just one way of showcasing the enormous talent we have both in Cornwall and the rest of the country.

Kicking off at 4pm and running til 11pm the tickets are 7.50 from Box Office 01326 211222 + on Door

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