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Date: Jan 31, 2006 - 12:37 AM
Tuttle has just recorded a second EP called 'Scrabble'. Songs range from the acoustic "Everyone I Know" to more driving tracks like "Scrabble" and "Circled A"...

The EP also features guest vocals from Ryan. Ryan brings his soulful groove to the funked-up "Pushed to My Limit".

Many of Tuttle’s influences come from the alternative scene in Australia, where he grew up, with bands like Regurgitator and Custard and singer-songwriter Ben Lee having a huge influence. Acts like They Might Be Giants, Captain Beefheart, Grandaddy, and the Ramones are better known influences.

Visit the website: www.tuttlemusic.co.uk

Reviews of Tuttle’s previous EP, The Family Way:

Now the bass hovering on the event horizon of feedback and the fat riff molesting sparse percussion in a mix that seems acres wide is called “Suited Slave” and the pouting drawl being chased by mini-guitar bursts is called “Vacuous”, only it's not. This s**t is weird and very cool...
Unpeeled Magazine

...what a bountiful collection they are... Tuttle masters the use of sparse arrangement to underpin his musings on life in the rat-race, an empty-headed woman, recent fatherhood and marriage. ‘Suited Slave' lifts verbatim the opening lines of McCartney's bridge from ‘A Day In The Life' as Tuttle recounts the mundaneness of working-life to a suitably ponderous beat over which electronica and electric guitar occasionally flash. Both ‘Vacuous' and ‘Struck Dumb' remind me of Howard Devoto/Magazine; particularly the latter track where Tuttle refreshingly ditches the sentimental bulls**t that artists step into when a baby appears, opting instead for the stark but touching realisation that nothing really prepares you for this
Whisperin’ & Hollerin’

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