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Date: Sep 16, 2005 - 12:37 AM
JBQ is a four-piece jazzy improv band featuring real Hammond organ, congas, bass & drums. Classic grooves rub shoulders with contemporary jazz harmonies and club dance forms. A fantastic "vibe" live...

Frontman, jazz keyboardist John Bickersteth, has spent a quarter of a century touring the world, from Japan to his native Cornwall, as the musical director for Daniel Rovai, Stewart & Ross Comedy Co., Ton & Kirschen Theater (Potsdam), and The Barneys.

Drummer Nick McLeod was a member of Porl Thompson's band Quietly Torn. He shows up on numerous recordings and has toured in France, Austria, Spain and Ireland.

Bassist Dave Greenaway is also a veteran of the touring scene (Florida, Switzerland, Holland and Spain).

Mat Pharaoh (Zennor Project) on congas and percussion applies a light Latin touch to the sizzling grooves.

For further information, bookings, enquiries:

Telephone: 01872 863 337
Mobile: 0781 477 1632
Email: johnbick@hotmail.co.uk

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