Castle Rock Line Up Announced!

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Date: Jun 15, 2005 - 04:52 PM
Castle Rock, The all day Rock festival in the grounds of Launceston Castle is back! Saturday 23rd July at Launceston Castle Grounds...

Line up as follows:

REUBEN (Headline) - Fleeing New York - TAT - Offshore - The Needles - We Were For - B*Movie Heroes - Driverdown. - Died Smiling - Sanguine - Adverse Polarity - Burning Coalition - Warwick Avenue - Rich Man's Plaything - Backdoor Men - Emily Maughan - Men Of Splendor - 2 Foot Giant - Ska'd For Life - The Hitchc0ck Rules - Flick - Baby Astrolab (more info) - The Chinaski Effect (more info) -Redwing - The Rushes - Powderstrip - Energia

PLEASE NOTE: The above list is not the running order, just a list of the bands who are playing. The actual order of play and stage times will be announced soon!

7 in advance
8 on the gate

If you want to keep up-to-date with all the news and line-up for this year's festival, take a look at the Castle Rock My Space page and click on add to friends.


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