The Jake's finally has a PEL!

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Date: Jun 06, 2005 - 03:28 PM
After four and a half years of battling against intransigent neighbours and bureaucracy, especially certain Environmental Protection Officers, and spending thousands of pounds in work and legal fees, The Jacob's Ladder Inn finally received its Public Entertainment Licence on 1st June!...

You may have read some stuff in the local papers when we applied for the second time.

For the last four years we have run our music under the "Two in a Bar" rule, but now we can branch out. In those four years there have been no complaints about noise from the pub despite the entertainments. Naturally we recognise that in a residential area we cannot have loud bands with drum kits, but as one of our customers observed, "You need a licence to have four mime artists on stage"!

We are looking forward to booking some of the people we have been unable to accommodate without a licence, and there will be some dancing for our fifth anniversary party on the 10th June.

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