JTQ - Hammond Meister To Play Pavilion

Princess Pavilion / Events
Date: May 29, 2005 - 07:42 PM
The Princess Pavilion launches a packed Summer programme with the legendary UK funkmeister JTQ on Thursday 9th June...

James Taylor, Hammond guru, stands with one foot planted firmly in the new millennium – and other, just as firmly, somewhere south of 1970.

JTQ’s first album in 1987, Mission Impossible, laid the foundation for what would become their signature sound: funked-up, sleazed-down, keyboard-driven jazz that could be Webster’s entry for “groovy.” Renowned for their film and TV themes, live favourites include JTQ’s debut single “Blow Up,” the mesmerising “2001,” and of course, the inimitable, infamous “Starsky & Hutch.”

2005 sees the mercurial Taylor once more pursuing a different musical tangent – his latest album, ‘The Oscillator’ is nothing less than a full-on, combo-orientated Hammond album, containing some of his most incisive work to date, a fertile and enquiring musical mind ever in pursuit of the Good Groove.

Tickets £13.50 Advance /£15 Door, from the box office: 01326 211222.

We eagerly await what JTQ have in store for us!!

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