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Date: Nov 07, 2004 - 11:35 AM
Here's some more pics and the full story of Zetan Spore's Singapore Festival gig...

A sports ground the size of 2 football pitches. 25,000+ people; mostly teenagers. Premium lager on tap and a flawless day. And acts flown in from all four corners of the globe. Sounds like your typical huge British live music event, doesn’t it? And there you would be mistaken. Because this is Singapore and nothing (and I mean nothing) is what it seems in Singapore.

This was the Tiger Beer branded event, Euphoria ’04. From the moment the British hard dance duo, Zetan Spore, rose through the stage via very crafty understage hydraulics…well, this was going to be something no one in Singapore had seen before. Euphoria 04 was the first event of its kind in Singapore. This was not only the largest outdoor event in Singapore’s history…it was also the first.

Headlining act Zetan Spore was always going to be an interesting choice. Dance music was illegal until very, very recently. That went for commercial dance as well as the hard dance sounds of Zetan Spore, those clever tricksters who fuse Psy trance, progressive house, hard dance and tribal sounds. So the majority of popsters had never heard the likes of it before. However, the festival’s organisers were most keen to get them out there.

The good people of Singapore are renowned for being conservative, well mannered and polite. ‘Obedient’ was one word used by a local to describe an average Singapore audience. At first, the audience wasn’t quite sure what to make of this duo, who looked like they had just stepped off the set of the latest Matrix movie set. It was amazing to see their reactions within the first 15 minutes of Zetan Spore’s 2 hour set. The audience went from “Are we still on planet Earth” to “This is kind of cool” to absolute mayhem. Mayhem was helped along with some absolute cheekiness from Mark and Ian Hasdell from Zetan Spore – helped in large measures by throwing cups of lager off the stage (which apparently breaks about 5 different laws in Singapore). That was it, the crowd was theirs. Light sticks almost became lethal weapons and 25,000+ people just did their thing to the music – and did it energetically. Ian Hasdell did his usual hallmark wizardry on the desk with twin brother Mark Hasdell giving it his all on guitar and didgeridoo. After a two hour live set, they left the stage with the audience wanting more.

Not content with winning over the Singapore crowd, Ian and Mark’s humour won the press and television journalists over from the word go...so much so these newcomers nearly stole the press conference limelight.

Following swiftly on the heels of a premier performance supporting Eat Static at “Future Sounds of Exeter” earlier in October and two major live coast-to-coast radio broadcasts in America; Euphoria 04 hallmarks Zetan Spore’s emergence as a major dance act hailing from Britain’s much-overlooked Southwest.

The act’s record label, Aardvark Records, is currently negotiating tours for North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Official Zetan Spore website: www.zetanspore.co.uk

New release: CD “Burn Up” available on-line: eMusic, iTunes, Vitaminic, Napster, Karma Downloads and other premier music download sites

For more information, please contact either Alex @ promotion@aardvarkrecords.co.uk or Andy @ musicman@aardvarkrecords.co.uk

EVENT MGMT: Ideaholic Event Marketing
VENUE Padang Field, Singapore
DATE : 9th October/ 5pm onwards till late

ARTISTES : Palmy (Thailand), Lena Park, Shinhwa (Korea),
Machi (TW), Shin (TW), All 4 One (USA),
Michael Learns To Rock (Denmark),
Zetan Spore (UK)

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