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Date: Jul 10, 2004 - 04:43 PM
Larry Stabbins' excellent gig on the 5th July with Crissy Lee and Kellie Santin sitting in has already been reviewed by TiGeR. Members - see downloads section for the complete (!) gig (both sets) as MP3s - 3 tracks also available in RealAudio format for those who'd like a sampler, read on...

Here are two Monk tunes from the first set, and the closer from the second set - John Coltrane's "Impressions", with great solos from all.

1. Larry Stabbins "Ruby My Dear (Monk)" (star&garter 05-07-04, 1st set)

2. Larry Stabbins "Rhythm-a-ning (Monk)" (star&garter 05-07-04, 1st set)

3. Larry Stabbins "Impressions (Coltrane)" (star&garter 05-07-04, 2nd set)

Larry Stabbins - Tenor, Kellie Santin - Alto (3), Max - Piano, Claudia Colmer - Bass, Crissy Lee- Drums

Larry Stabbins at the S&G

See here for more RealAudio from the Star & Garter if you missed the May batch first time around.


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