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Date: May 31, 2004 - 03:33 PM
May has been quite a month for Jazz at the S&G. Here's the evidence in the form of extracts from 3 gigs as RealAudio files (also available as higher quality MP3s in the downloads section for members)...

John Woollams' excellent gig on the 10th has already been reviewed by TiGeR. Here are two from the 2nd set, including "Cadillac Club"...

John Woollams "Straight no chaser" (star&garter 10-5-04)

John Woollams "Friday night at the Cadillac Club" (star&garter 10-5-04)

John Woollams - Tenor, Max - Piano, Claudia Colmer - Bass, Damien Rodd - Drums

John Woollams at the S&G

John Cox's gig on the 17th was also excellent - again from the 2nd set, Chick Corea's "500 miles high" and John Coltrane's "Equinox"...

John Cox "500 miles high" (star&garter 17-5-04)

John Cox "Equinox" (star&garter 17-5-04)

John Cox - Saxes, Max - Piano, Claudia Colmer - Bass, Terry Rodd - Drums

John Cox at the S&G

And last but not least, the opening 2 numbers from Alan Thompson's fine gig on the 24th...

Alan Thompson "Without a song" (star&garter 24-5-04)

Alan Thompson "Take the Coltrane" (star&garter 24-5-04)

Alan Thompson - Guitar, Max - Piano, Claudia Colmer - Bass, Terry Rodd - Drums


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