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Star & Garter / Music at the Star & Garter
Date: Apr 18, 2004 - 04:59 PM
We received the following by email from two recent visitors to the Star & Garter jazz night who greatly enjoyed the music. Good to know that the band's fame is spreading outside the county...

"A couple of days holiday in Falmouth, in early April seemed a good idea; no crowds, plenty of places to visit, on foot because our son had pinched the car for his own purposes, and hopefully the opportunity to hear some live music. Thanks to the Falmusic site, we arrived at the Star and Garter somewhat foot-slogged but ready to see what a Monday evening would bring.

The bar soon filled up with people of all ages, and the band kicked off with some excellent hard driving music that really swung. I particulary enjoyed Damian Rodd's drumming which was skillful and precise. The first set finished with a very lively version of Worksong during which the band were listening and watching each other carefully.

As well as good music, we found that the locals were friendly! We enjoyed meeting
everyone and having many conversations about the music. So hello to Gary, hope the milk and sherry mix is still doing the business! To Tim and Rob, it was great meeting you and thanks for the site which helped us get in touch.

We had a great time and hope to return soon. In the jazz community we all have a lot of friends we haven't met yet, but now we can cross some of those off our list.

Best wishes to you all,

Andrew and Sue Hughes"

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