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Date: Apr 16, 2004 - 09:18 PM
Hi there, my names Lisa and I placed an ad on your site last year, looking for a guitarist, Thanks to your site, I am now teamed up with a great acoustic guitarist who accompanies my singing, so I'd like to thank you for bringing us together...

The other reason for my contacting you, is that although I enjoy performing cover versions in local pubs with Glenn, I am still looking for a guitarist who is interested in working on original material. Whilst I can write the lyrics and create the melodies I don't play an instrument and so am reliant on finding someone who can bring my songs to life. I have worked with musicians in the past who have done this for me and we have created some good songs. However, I have found that the guitarists I know now, are more keen on playing cover versions as they think people want to hear songs that they know. The trouble is that if everyone took that point of view, there would be no new music!

So, if you could put out another plea for me, I would be very grateful. It's hard to categorise my style of songs but they tend towards folky/pop, maybe similar to Norah Jones, Dido. If anyone out there is interested in getting together and seeing if they like my material and would like to put music to it and get out there and play, I would love to hear from them. My phone numbers are 07971 296740 & 01326 375523.

Thank you


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