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Date: Apr 10, 2004 - 02:20 PM
The latest additions to our MP3 downloads section are 2 excellent taster tracks of jazzy improv by Jooz Blunkenfazz (John Bickersteth-Kbds,gtr,accordion,dobro Dave Greenaway-Bs Mike Rolling-Dr) and techno-thrash-jazz by the enigmatic Yoko Hashimoto...

They are available for gigs in Cornwall and elsewhere. More tracks possibly available for download here soon - contact them for bookings and CDs at johnbick@hotmail.co.uk

MP3 Downloads are available to registered users - click here to register if you're not already a member.

The tracks are also all available here as streaming audio for those with Real Player:

Click here to listen to Jooz Blunkenfazz "Midnight Roundabout" (studio)

Click here to listen to Jooz Blunkenfazz "Another Drop of No Sweat" (live)

Click here to listen to Yoko Hashimoto "Spin-Out" (!!!??!!)


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