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Date: Mar 23, 2004 - 05:50 PM
AberFest '04 will aim to provide the general public with a spectacular demonstration of live music and dance from Cornwall, Brittany and beyond...

So, if you're in Falmouth on Sat 10th April, look out for;

  • Massed Dance Display on the Moor in the morning, followed by a musical procession to Custom House Quay.
  • Cornish & Breton Dance, Music & Song workshops at various central venues.
  • Children's craft events in the town centre - "The Big Catch".
  • A lunchtime acoustic traditional music 'session' at the Waterfront Bar.
  • Cornish & Breton cookery classes at the WI Hall.
  • "Tall Stories" - Cornish tales in comfortable surroundings...

  • and a 'Fest Noz' (Breton style Dance party) to end the day...

see www.cornwallsolar.co.uk/aberfest for further information.

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