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Star & Garter / Music at the Star & Garter
Date: Feb 24, 2004 - 04:41 AM
Robf told me that there was a trombonist at the S&G tonight. I was intrigued and, when I got there, I thought that there was something familiar about the man...

Anyway, cutting a long story very short, when Terry told me that he was a doctor, it all clicked into place.

I was transported back twenty years, to the Seaview in the days of Ray Roberts, Irving, John James aand Paul Hodder, plus a percussionist who, obviously, failed to make a sufficient impression, unless it was Ronnie Roots.

Terry told me that the trummy is called Mike Higgs, and Claudia reckons that he will be fairly regular at the S&G, for which I thank the Good Lord.

Mike extracted the best from Max, who played like the maestro he is, and added several quirky quotes. All in all, well worth coming out for!

PS, I heard a decent band called Bobby's Helmet at the Waterfront a couple of weeks ago - solid sounds and very interesting vocals.

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