Another Weird Night

Peregrinations / Peregrinations
Date: Feb 05, 2004 - 05:38 AM
Started at the Jakes (thanks, Paul), heard some good music and played some moderate pool...

Boogied for a while at Rems (thanks, Emma and other specimens of pulchritude)! Celebrated Martin's birthday (very sorry about the carpet, guys) and then came home, somewhat earlier than intended, but life has a way of throwing these curves.

Anyway, before I diverted into apologies, I meant to report that the Jakes has developed a new programme. Monday is still Quiz night and Tuesday, folk. Wednesday, thank The Lord, is still open mike, Thursdays , Mo's Indian Feast, Friday, a funky DJ and Saturday, solo artist(e)s as follows for Feb (ta, Jools): 7th Money Shot. Enough, check the gig list!


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