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Date: Dec 03, 2003 - 04:10 PM
The following is an example of a post on our forum which is worth checking from time to time...

"Hey I am involved in a musical project called 'Supermarket Mannequins'. At the moment it is just myself (a guitarist) and my wife (a keyboard player/vocalist). We are recording an album on our computer at the moment but what we really want to do is get a band together.

Our style is quite spacy and catchy rock influenced by bands like Radiohead, Broadcast, Low, Primal Scream....

We especially need a bassist and a drummer but would be interested in hearing from anyone interested in getting involved. We are 19 and 22 and are preferably looking for studenty open minded people who are good at their instruments!

Email us at supermarket@mannequins.fsworld.co.uk if you are interested. Thanks!"

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