20:30 Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Tues 21 November £13/£8/£5


Alison Rayner (db) Deirdre Cartwright (gtr) Steve Lodder (pn) Diane McLoughlin (sx) Buster Birch (dm)

ARQ’s profile has risen rapidly in the past three years, with extensive touring and critical acclaim for their second album, ‘A Magic Life’. Their music is awash with infectious grooves, lyrical melodies and a music founded in jazz but with folk, rock, classical and other world music influences. ‘The quintet’s multi-faceted pieces are full of delightful colour and detail –but for all their sophistication remained wholly accessible and unfailingly melodic.’

St Ives Jazz Club
Western Hotel
Royal Square
St Ives

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Fee: £13/£8/£5

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